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Job Openings

For any enquiries on our recruitment activities in Hong Kong and Mainland China, please email to

* Applicants please note that we have not set up any recruitment centre outside Hong Kong.
Hopewell Holdings Limited
1. Executive – Managing Director’s Office (External Affairs focus) (Ref.: E-MDO/HH/0318)
2. Financial Analyst / Assistant Financial Analyst (Ref.: FAAFA/HH/0916)
3. Head of IT / Senior IT Manager (Ref.: HOIT/HH/0317)
4. Investor Relations Officer (Ref.: IRO/HH/0518)
5. Senior Officer - Corporate Sustainability (Ref.: SOCS/HH/0218)
6. Senior Web Designer (Ref.: SWD/HH/0518)
7. Treasury Analyst (Ref.: TA/HH/1217)
Hopewell Project Development Limited
8. Project Development Manager (Ref.: PDM/HH/0417)

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