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Hopewell Centre II

The completion of Hopewell Centre has significantly enhanced the development of the surrounding area in Wan Chai. It has become one of the landmarks of Hong Kong and Wan Chai has also gradually transformed into a major business centre in the city. Built on this successful urban renewal project, Hopewell Holdings proposed the Hopewell Centre II Project which was approved by the Government in 1994.

Hopewell Holdings came to terms with the Hong Kong Government on the land exchange and land premium in respect of Hopewell Centre II in mid 2012. Hopewell Holdings completed the related procedures, including the payment of land premium, and took possession of the site of Hopewell Centre II on 24 October 2012.

Hopewell Centre II, connected and situated adjacent to Hopewell Centre, is currently planned to be developed into a conference hotel with approximately 1,024 guest rooms. Site formation and foundation works are in progress and target to complete in 2019. Construction of the hotel is targeted to complete by the end of 2021. The completion of the project will further boost the development of Wan Chai and enhance the environment of the surrounding area.

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