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Hopewell and St. James’ Settlement Called for 150 Volunteers to Bring Laughter to Singleton Elderly at Tuen Ng Festival 
09 Jun 2012

Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”) co-organised the Tuen Ng Volunteer Visit to Elderly with St. James’ Settlement (“St. James”) again on 9 June 2012 in hopes of bringing love and care to the community. This year, the team consisted of volunteers from different sectors of society, including 120 long time supporting HH Social Club members, Outstanding Students’ Association and Hong Kong Sports Teams. It also included the newly joined secondary school students from St. James, members from the Hopewell sponsored “Strike” Bowling Programme which aims at developing the sports potential of minority intellectual disabled youths, and cross-border staff members from Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Limited, as well as family and friends. The cross-sectional and cross-regional ‘HH Social Club’ formed a Volunteer Team with over 150 members, visiting 155 units of singleton elderly in Wan Chai, Kwun Tong and Tsuen Wan. The total number of beneficiaries in Tuen Ng Volunteer Visit Programme reached 800 this year.

Demonstrating the spirit of love and communal harmony

By bringing forces from different demographics into this ‘HH Social Club’ Tuen Ng Volunteer Visit, Hopewell aimed to ignite the hope of living among the singleton elderly from St. James’ Funeral Navigation Service. In comparison with last year’s visit, Hopewell reached out to more singleton elderly for there was a 50% increase in the number of visited units and volunteers. The thoughtful formation of each volunteer team with a good mix of community members has truly demonstrated the spirit of love and unity, as well as communal harmony between the abled and disabled.

To express its gratitude toward volunteers, Hopewell purchased some exquisite velvet pins handmade by St. James’ members as presents. Representatives from St. James also briefed through the cases with the team prior to the visits, which enabled volunteers to conduct better communication with the elderly and at the same time identify their needs. The Panda Hotel volunteers prepared rice dumplings made with “Five Grains” and in a lighter size, which better suit the appetite of the elderly. Volunteers carried along the Hopewell-St. James sponsored bags of presents to the singleton elderly and shared the festive joy.

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