Tsang Ngar Yee, Judy
General Manager – Panda Hotel

"Colleagues should be attentive to communication and be supportive of one another."

My most unforgettable experience while working at Panda Hotel was in 2003, during the SARS crisis. Although the hotel did not have enough guests, the Company did not force staff members to take leave, nor did it carry out a lay-off, which was common at the time. I think the Company handled this situation very well. The hotel industry has been very competitive in recent years, and we need to continually advance as one team. I am glad that in this past year, Panda Hotel's turnover has matched that of our 1996 – 1997 height.

In terms of work, I think all colleagues, regardless of whether they are managers or subordinates, should be attentive to communication, be supportive of one another, and hold a humble attitude. We should not be too calculating and allow personal emotions to affect our job performance.