Wu Yuen Ho, Donald
Assistant Manager - Asset Management

"As we unite in our efforts, the Company will excel even more."

Hopewell is very forward-looking. Aside from building the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong in the 1980s when the city was in its developing stage, we also entered the Mainland Chinese market early on. In my five years at Hopewell, I have witnessed the Company's transformation and growth. Although the Company has been developing rapidly, it still very much cares for staff member needs. For instance, the recent office renovations and the 5-day work week provision give us a better work environment and work-life balance.

I have worked in different departments within the Company, and have gotten to know many experienced and talented colleagues. I have faith that as long as we are united in our efforts, the Company will excel even more in the next five years, making us even prouder to be a part of Hopewell!