Tam Ming Fai, Alan
Executive Director – HHI

"Hopewell has excellent vision, planning and implementation."

Our company is always one step ahead of others, as evidenced by our early investment in Mainland China. We developed the first five-star hotel in Guangzhou, and constructed power plants and superhighways. These all demonstrate that Hopewell has excellent vision, planning, and implementation, enabling us to lead the market. Additionally, we were the first non-financial institution in Hong Kong to successfully issue RMB corporate bonds. The whole process – from conception, planning, decision, to actual issuance – took just one month. The key to this accomplishment was the Company's clear vision and preparedness, as well as our professional, highly efficient team that operates in unison.

Our boss' teaching has greatly inspired me: whether in life or at work, we should never be bounded by what we have learned and experienced. Instead, we must continually learn new things, explore new ideas, and accept new challenges. As a part of Hopewell, we must stay true to the spirit of innovation, even in the face of challenges.