Fung Ka Yan, Ivy
Management Trainee

"Hopewell is a caring organization with a human touch."

Thanks to the Management Trainee Program, I had the opportunity to learn in different departments. This has helped me build a solid foundation, starting from the very basics. As part of my 8-month training at Panda Hotel, I worked in the housekeeping department and cleaned guest rooms. Although this was exhausting, it allowed me to thoroughly understand the work processes within a hotel and build insights for improving efficiency.

I very much appreciate the dedication that my colleagues bring to their work. The Company complements this attidue by welcoming comments from staff members and allowing us to try new tasks. Hopewell is a caring organization with a human touch. More and more colleagues are participating in volunteer activities organized by the Company. It is my hope that we will continue to uphold this spirit and ensure that we are socially responsible Hopewell citizens.