Lee Fung Sai, Jennifer
Assistant Project Development Manager

"Hopewell embodies three attributes: Confidence, Cooperation, and Compassion."

"I began my career at Hopewell as a Management Trainee, which allowed me to rotate through various business units within the Group. Through this experience, I have observed that Hopewell embodies three attributes: Confidence, Cooperation, and Compassion. Our company greatly values its commitment to customers and partners, so we always do our best to instill confidence in these stakeholders. In addition, my colleagues emphasize cooperation and teamwork in everything we do, which allows us to deliver results quickly and efficiently. Finally, this is a company that truly cares about its staff and local community. Its compassion is evidenced by the Group's numerous sustainability initiatives. These attributes foster a very pleasant work environment and make me proud to be a part of the Hopewell team.