Lee Kar Li, Elina
Head of Corporate Comunications

"The Company has placed trust in us and given us room for creativity."

My first task at Hopewell was to establish a Sustainability Steering Committee for the Company and publish our first Sustainability Report. In this process, I experienced how the Company has placed trust in us and given us room for creativity. Hopewell takes up corporate social responsibility and whole-heartedly contributes to society by incorporating sustainability and social development into its core values. This vision is well aligned with my own beliefs.

Working at Hopewell is challenging yet very fulfilling. Assignments in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, and the coordination of our 40th Anniversary celebration series, such as the making of these 40 Hopewell Stories, have enabled me to understand that the Company's past accomplishments have paved the way for Hopewell's future. Looking forward, I will continue to strive for my best and improve in tandem with the Company.