Chong Siu Hung, Lana
Head of Corporate Finance & Planning

"Hopewell gives me an extraordinary sense of fulfillment!"

I have had so many unforgettable memories at Hopewell; among these, two are most remarkable. The first is from 2010, when Hopewell became the first non-financial institution in Hong Kong to issue RMB corporate bonds. The other dates back to 2002, when Hopewell early redeemed a US$600M bond by way of covenant defeasance. The success of these two unprecedented projects required keen business acumen and decisiveness, as well as the dedication to overcome various unforeseeable challenges within tight timelines.

I am greatly inspired by Sir Gordon and the management team because of their vision and conviction to contribute to society. They remind me that aside from job satisfaction, giving back to the community is just as essential. This extraordinary sense of fulfillment makes me proud to be a part of Hopewell.