Leung Kwok Kee, Leo
Executive Director

"Just like moving a car forward, we must contribute our own effort......"

Between 1978 and 79, I took part in the slipform design of Hopewell Centre. The slipform design team consisted of only three members then, who were responsible for all Hopewell projects, including Hopewell Centre. In 1992, I returned to Hong Kong from the UK and rejoined Hopewell in 1993. I was privileged to be given the chance to work alongside with Sir Gordon Wu on the planning, design and implementation of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Superhighway. In July 1994, we soft-opened the full length of the Superhighway to traffic; it was a historic accomplishment!

I very much agree with our big boss' statement, "Monetary Wealth is hard to come by, but Good Talent is even harder to find." This has been the key to Hopewell's motto, especially in recruitment and talent development. As a "caring company" with plenty of energy and vision, a strong, self-motivated, united team is paramount. Just like moving a car forward, we must not remain stagnantly seated inside the car or stay behind outside the car. We must put in our own individual effort in powering the car forward.