Sir Gordon Ying Sheung WU GBS, KCMG, FICE

Looking back on the past 40 years of Hopewell Holdings Limited ("Hopewell"), I am pleased that we have built a solid foundation in our core businesses and established a long-term strategy for growth and sustainability. We first began in the construction business, and have since cultivated a diverse portfolio. Throughout the years, our Group witnessed the development of Hong Kong into an international financial centre and corporate hub, as well as the opening and rapid growth of the Chinese economy. Hopewell participated in this transformation through our investments in various property and infrastructure projects. We made remarkable achievements while, at the same time, weathered a number of obstacles and market fluctuations. In midst of all these major advancements and challenges, I am proud that Hopewell has consistently exceeded industry standards.

Going forward, we will hold true to the same values that have allowed us to operate efficiently and successfully in the past. We have been undertaking projects that will continue to strengthen our portfolio of assets and contribute to the improvement of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. Our Group aims to further benefit our stakeholders through new investments and the development of vital infrastructure and facilities. As a demonstration of this commitment, we have actively been addressing corporate governance goals that will ensure strong management and build a long-lasting business.

On this special occasion, I would like to thank our shareholders, customers, suppliers, and business partners for their continued support. I also express my gratitude to the Managing Director, my fellow Directors, the management team, and all staff members for their loyalty, support, and hard work. Their contributions have been indispensible for the Group's performance over the past 40 years, and will be essential to Hopewell's success in the future.